Fantasy Football – Everything Beginners Need to Know

American FootballFantasy football is the answer to the prayers of all football fans who feel that they are capable of building the winning football roster.

There are several legal and reputed fantasy football websites that give players the opportunity to sit in a virtual front office and be the general manager of their own football team.

In other words, any football fan can become a fantasy football player, build teams of top-performing National Football League (NFL) players, and win real money based on their team members’ performance on the field.

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Fantasy Football Popularity

According to an estimate from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), a Chicago-based organization that represents the fantasy sports industry, as many as 32 million US residents spent a total of $15 billion playing a wide range of fantasy sports. As much as $11 billion of this amount is spent on fantasy football. And these mammoth figures have nothing to do with the ad revenue generated by fantasy sports websites. Since the NFL’s annual fantasy football revenue is close to $10 billion, it can be safely said that the fantasy football market is now worth more than the original football market it developed from.

According to an FSTA estimate, an average fantasy player spends 3 hours every week managing his/her team(s). This translates into 23 million players spending close to 1.2 billion hours in the course of 17 weeks.

Taking into consideration the above estimates, average wages in America, ad revenue, and actual expenditure, one can place the annual value of the fantasy sports industry at anywhere between $40 billion and $70 billion.

Five Good Reasons to Play Fantasy Football

One’s love for football is a good enough reason to play fantasy football, but there are many more reasons for football fans to consider playing the game, and here are five such reasons.

  1. Deepen your understanding of football

    In spite of your passion for the game, your understanding of it might be superficial. An average football enthusiast knows just a few football players or is acquainted with just his/her favorite team.

    If this average football fan starts playing fantasy football, he/she will soon know almost everything there is to know about football. Fantasy football players will be following each and every game keenly, paying close attention to the performance of each and every player. Instead of being mere fans of a particular team or player, they will become experts of the game.

  2. Make new friends

    Playing fantasy football will help players make more new friends that spending time on Facebook does. The game really helps develop social and familial bonds, encouraging players to send more emails and text messages to relatives and friends living miles away. Players may have to move several times, but fantasy football will help them remain in touch with all the friends, co-workers, and relatives they have left behind.

  3. Become a general manager

    Football fans often complain that team managers do not do their jobs well. Fantasy football gives such fans the opportunity to put together the winning football team.

    Fantasy football enables one to draft players, select them from free agent pools or waivers, trade them, and make all the related decisions. Although this sounds easy, it requires a great deal of knowledge and strategy on the part of the players. Drafting a team is not a solitary activity, but involves a great deal of communication from others in the league and trying to find out their interest in one’s roster.

  4. Fantasy football makes real football more interesting

    Before starting to play fantasy football, fans usually stick to their own teams and watch only their games. They usually refrain from watching televised football matches until and unless it somehow affects their favorite team. Once they start playing fantasy football, fans will experience a heightened interest in the game, the teams, and the players.

  5. Fantasy football players make real money

    As impossible as this may sound to fantasy football beginners, it is true that several people make a living out of fantasy football. Of course, a beginner will not win big from his/her first game, but in the course of time, beginners will start winning enough to pay off a few bills.

Fantasy Football FAQs


All fantasy football websites offer free as well as paid games. Players can play for free to get a better understanding of the game, but they need to play the paid games to win real money prizes.


This depends on your preference. If you want to play with other users of the fantasy football website, you can simply join a website-managed league. If you want to play with someone you know, you can set up a custom league.

If you cannot make up your mind, just join an autopick league. If you are an experienced player who wants to play only against other experienced players or a league winner who wants to play only against other league winners, you can easily find a league to suit your tastes.


You can join a private league or a standard league. To join a private league, you need to get an invitation from the league owner. You can join a standard league by selecting a league from the league directory of your fantasy football website.


You can just create a league by inviting friends to join it or allow anybody to join it by setting a league ID and password or just publish your league into the fantasy football website’s league directory so that other fantasy football players can find it and join it.


Fantasy scoring is getting points for your fantasy teams based on real football statistics.

Fantasy Football